The story of Project Prosper

Project prosper is a mentor, a guide to success and a helping hand that provides a sense of direction that we all sometimes need to stay focused and continue perusing our goals. Project prosper is a twelve-month project that I wish I had when I started university…

My name is Bartek Marzec and I’m a 19 y/o undergraduate student, Designer, an aspiring entrepreneur and the founder and creator of Project Prosper.

My experience during the first year at university has been the main inspiration for project prosper.

In my first year, I was overwhelmed with the changes, trying to keep up with everything that was going on, while at the same time still being hesitant if university and my course were right for me. All of which resulted into a spiral of depression which had a huge impact. I completely lost interest.

However, I figured how minuscule my situation was and that it needed to change. I knew if I didn’t act, nothing would change and my situation could have gotten worse. It felt like I needed to start over again and that’s when I created project prosper. The content of the project are the exact strategies I have used to get myself back on track and out of the what felt like the never ending spiral.

I needed to keep my mind occupied and that’s exactly what I did, and that is the purpose of Project Prosper. It’s about doing. Starting today and not waiting around for tomorrow. It’s about stopping wishing about being someone else and instead, being busy working on being someone else. The project acquires action, self-reflection and new ways of thinking. All of which prepare you to change your mind set in order to become successful.

The project starts on the first day of 2018, a new year is always seen as a fresh start so make sure you start the year right and allow Project Prosper to be at your side.

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150 Days Till Launch

A quick overview of what is happening at Project Prosper and what is my next move.

Now that project prosper has hit one of the three, milestones it’s now the right time to make a start on designing an introduction website. Apart from providing more in-depth information for the viewer, the main purpose of the web page will be to gather email addresses from the potential users. Collecting emails will allow me to investigate the audience in more detail and possibly target their inbox’s with updates and other opportunities to increase awareness.

Following on from the previous blog entry ‘The Design Process’ I believe that Project Prosper has set its own identity and style in terms of the visual aspect. So when designing the introductory website, I will need to make sure that it displays the familiar visuals.

To create the website, I’m considering using Adobe Muse CC. As I’m not experienced in writing code. The program will enable me to have the freedom to focus purely on the visual aspect of the website and the user experience (UX). With that, The first cost of setting up Project Prosper will soon need to be covered. This being the registration of the domain name and hosting of the website.

As well as designing the website, I will be focusing on creating a promotional video. Once the video is complete and the website is live I will be sharing Project Prosper on my personal social media platforms to gain that extra following by using my own profiles to market Project Prosper.

I will write more about the web and video designing in the upcoming weeks, stay put!

Follow my journey of launching Project Prosper:
Instagram : projectprosper_
Twitter : projectprosper_

I appreciate every follow and love to network with all of my followers! If you have any questions or want to share something feel free to contact me.



150 Days Till Launch

Behind the Scenes at Project Prosper


My name is Bartek Marzec and I’m a 19 y/o undergraduate student, Designer and an aspiring entrepreneur.

This blog will be used to update you on my journey of launching Project Prosper by sharing with you all the things that happen behind the scenes. I will share the ups and downs of the process, how I’ve done it and what didn’t work. I want to be as transparent with my audience as possible so that you can learn from my experiences and build a community on networking with each other, sharing knowledge and tips in order to grow and prosper together.

Thank you for reading.


The Design Process

One of the main tasks that I’m currently focusing on is designing the fundamental content of Project Prosper. You might now be aware, from the social media profiles (@projectprosper_ on Instagram & Twitter / @projectprosperuk on Facebook) that the project will consist of twelve individual forms that unlock for download on the 1st of every month.

Originally I thought that twelve forms are all that will be required, however, to make the project user-friendly I’m considering designing, an information document as well as an introduction to the project. The information document will consist of things such as how to make the most of joining project prosper and how things will run throughout the year. The goal is to make the experience run smoothly for the users so they get familiar with the project and are able to complete the twelve-month course accurately and gain the relevant skills and knowledge.

About the project

During my first year at the University of Loughborough, I developed the project as a means of helping myself get back on the right track and focus my mind on overcoming certain challenges I was facing at the time. Back then project prosper didn’t have an identity, it was just a list of things I did every day to get myself into the right mind frame to help me focus on what’s important.

Process of designing the content

Now onto the visual designing. Once the backbone of the project was in place I could design the way it was going to be delivered to the users.

At the beginning of designing, I revisited the drawing board multiple times as ideas were trialled and analysed only to realise that the idea wasn’t the most cost-effective way to deliver the project, or the idea just wasn’t good enough. Being able to go back and forth to the drawing board and start again is something I quickly learn on my Graphic Communication course. Sometimes it’s better to let a bad idea go rather than wasting time trying to push something that’s never going to happen.

The final idea of capturing the project on easily deliverable A4 pdf files was decided. It was the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and can be accessed by a simple download.

Below are pictures showing the process I carry out in order to finalise each of the twelve forms. Starting with ideation, development and then finalising the form.


I always begin by reviewing the theme of the form for that month to focus the design on visuals relevant to the form. For example, below I’m brain storming visuals for a form titled ‘Wake up for success’ I began by writing a few key words and sketching illustrations of the words. My aim is to create clear aesthetic forms that enhance the experience of project prosper users.


Quick brain storm of key words and illustrations.


Once I’m happy with the concept in terms of aesthetics and function, I then develop the ideas in Adobe Illustrator and create various versions to try to test which design works best on the 210 x 297 dimensions (A4 Size)


Digital development.


When the visuals have been finalised I then turn my attention on displaying the information around the visual design. Although the information is more important than the visuals and it would make sense to carry out the process in reverse order focusing on the displaying the text first followed by the visuals. I believe that it would hinder the creativity of the information display as every visual aspect I design is different and takes up a different amount of space on the page. This means that I need to lay out the text accordingly to the illustrations, hence making the information layout different every time for every form I design.


Finalised form.



When everything is in place I add small details to the A4 document for example titles, icons, logo, the number of the month. All of these are placed in the same position in all of the forms I have created so far. I do this for consistency. Being able to familiarise the user to the brand makes the brand recognition stronger, and easier to identify. I also plan to use the same layout of these smaller details in my social media posts and other visual elements. Here’s an example.


Final touches by adding branding and titles.


Similar details in social media posts.


  • Maximise user experience through clear content and layouts.
  • Going back to the drawing board is not always a waste. It could save you valuable time and recourses in the future.
  • Keep visual identity consistent throughout all mediums to increase brand awareness and familiarise the users with the brand in order to gain their trust.

Blog Entry #Two

Hello! My name is Bartek Marzec I’m a 19 y/o undergraduate student, Designer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I will be updating you on my journey of starting my own business and launching Project Prosper by sharing with you all the things that happen behind the scenes.

Thank you for reading.


The Design Process

Planning for Launch

First steps into launching Project Prosper.

To hit the ground running I understood that I couldn’t just jump right into doing, building or creating random content without a purpose or clear strategy. Although I am excited about ‘project prosper’ and can’t wait to get it off the ground, I know to get this right I’d have to take time to plan the journey to reach my destination as this will save time in the long run and avoid improvising my moves that would waste more time in the future than the hours taken to plan.

That’s exactly what I did. I opened up my laptop and started typing out all the tasks I thought I’d need to complete in order to get my idea off the ground. Quickly the daunting feeling overwhelmed me as the list grew with tasks I didn’t consider at first. This is where I realised how much work launching a business actually takes.

The list was longer than I originally thought and I started to doubt myself, which actually after some time inspired me to pursue this idea even more just so I could prove to myself that I can do it, and wouldn’t fall at the first hurdle. The mentality I had at this moment came from nowhere. I was doubting myself then next minute I felt confident to take the risk and thought if I fail, it will only be a lesson to use in the next venture. I felt like I had nothing to lose.

Now that the tasks have been organised in a chronological order, the list seemed a little less intimidating as I could focus on where to start (the hardest part is always getting started) Clearly laying out the plan also allowed me to spot which tasks I could run simultaneously to save time, for example building a social media audience.
(Organisations call this Critical Path Analysis)

It’s now been ten days since the planning began and I constantly reflect on my action plan and it always stirs me away from getting sidetracked or doing the things that aren’t the primary focus. However, the list is not a fixed document that’s set in stone, it still gets edited with new ideas and ways of launching. There’s also always going to be problems with some of the tasks so I have left room for improvement.

Points to take away:

  • The hardest part is getting started if you feel like the idea is too intimidating take the time to plan on how you will tackle it. The intimidating feeling will soon go away.
  • Planning might seem like a distraction from getting started, it’s worth taking the time to think about your steps in order not to get lost and waste time in the long run.
  • The Action Plan will provide a sense of direction and is a document that should always be reflected on.
  • Allow room for editing the plan, come back to it and update if needed.
  • Be confident to try. If it doesn’t work have the ‘I’ll learn from it’ mentality.

Blog Entry #One

Hello! My name is Bartek Marzec I’m a 19 y/o undergraduate student, Designer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I will be updating you on my journey of starting my own business and launching Project Prosper by sharing with you all the things that happen behind the scenes.

Thank you for Reading.